A hebephile in contact with the Blue Angel interviewed by The Independent regarding his demand for euthanasia

Suffering since his childhood from severe depression, aggravated later by the development of his hebephile tendencies, Sebastian dreams of being euthanized the day of his 40th birthday, simbolically erasing his birth and therefore his whole painful existence.

In Belgium, a person who can prove to be in constant and unbearable pain, and to have already tried everything possible to try and get better, can legally have access to an euthanasia program. It consists of three boards of experts, that will evaluate the case one at the time until a final decision is taken. If all the boards are in favor and the person hasn’t changed his or her mind, euthanasia is given through lethal injection. Otherwise, a therapeutic follow-up is proposed.

The peculiarity of Belgian law is that mental suffering due to severe psychiatric causes can also allow access to the program, even though the evaluation is longer and more strict in that case.

To advocate for his case, Sebastian called upon Mrs Bennari to explain to the doctors the pain of abstinent pedophiles and hebephiles who suffer from the consequences of a deviant orientation they didn’t choose. The response was different than what he expected, as even though Mrs Bennari respects his choice and won’t put obstacles in his way, she still tries to give him a new interest in life and some practical experience on the subject of relationships.

Today, after more than 17 years of therapy, Sebastian is determined to go all the way with his demand. His depression has many different sources, one of which is the inability to accept and deal with his sexuality.

Indeed, if some would consider hebephilia (the attraction toward youth between 14 and 17 years of age) to be less problematic than pedophilia, it’s nevertheless true that the former can still be an obstacle to the development of happy couple relationships when it presents with severe fixation or even exclusivity: it becomes then very difficult to build relationships with adults, and even with younger partners (20-25 years old) it can be short-lived, libido slowly draining as the other grows older. Love and the emotional sphere in general are usually the key to unlock the prison of paraphilias (deviant orientations). Of course, one would need to be aware of the fact and be guided in that direction…

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