Support Us

How to support the Blue Angel


1. Learn about us and share

Learning about us and talking about our cause and experience with the people you know will contribute to spread awareness on the blatant lack of prevention on a subject everyone is scared of.

If you wish to have a better understanding of pedophilia and of child abuse you can read our site and the articles linked therein. You can also contact us to ask for more information.

To better understand our methodology and experience you can read Mrs Latifa Bennari’s latest book, “Pedophiles, Ex-offenders, Victims – Volume 1”. Links to purchase and download it will be made available on the site as soon as the english version is published (very soon).

2. Donate to help us directly

Today our funds are practically non-existant and only the personal investment of Mrs Bennari is keeping us going. We need your support to further the cause of prevention and child protection.

To donate to us, you can:

  • donate online via Paypal, clicking on the « Donation » button on the right side of all the pages
  • or tranfer funds on our account: establishment : BNP Paribas Paris Ménilmontant
    IBAN : FR76 3000 4005 7900 0100 1471 749
    We are investigating the US legislation regarding fiscal deductions for donators. We will post the details as soon as we get them and will provide all the donators with a receipt.