A criminal psychologist says pedophilia is a sexual orientation

As you may have read elsewhere on this site, here at the Blue Angel we have often observed that pedophilia (the sexual attraction toward pre-pubescent children) functions as a deviant sexual orientation. Of course, pedosexuality (performing sexual acts with children) isn’t necessarily linked to pedophilia nor indeed to any other orientation, but rather to other issues like incest, hypersexuality, a wish for domination or even merely favorable circumstances.

At the time when Mrs Bennari founded the Blue Angel in France (1998), most professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists, criminologists etc) disagreed with this line of thinking. The only pedophiles they knew where the ones in prison cells or mental health institutes. They were all sex offenders, and all were branded with the word “pedophile” regardless of whether or not they were actually attracted to children in general or had just acted out on one for various other reasons or circumstances.

Consequently, for a very long time the “typical” pedophile profile has been built only through contact with sex offenders. Imagine profiling heterosexuals by only talking to convicted rapists and claiming they are a good representation of how the typical heterosexual thinks, feels and acts.

Thankfully, lately there has been some improvement, and this rather interesting article on The Independent is proof of that. Even though the psychologist in question freely admits that he only ever had contact with pedophile sex offenders, he acknowledges the existence of abstinent pedophiles and clearly states that as pedophilia is a sexual orientation (albeit a deviant one) it has to be accepted and managed, it cannot be “cured”. A pedophile (or hebephile) can still eventually be in a relationship with an adult even if his orientation is still the same, as love and the emotional sphere in general are not totally bound by sexual orientation.

Therefore, as we always say at the Blue Angel, the key for a pedophile to move forward is accepting who he is without judgement, learning to manage his sexuality safely, and exploring his emotions freely.

You can read the article by clicking here.