A Word from Our President and Founder

Mrs Latifa Bennari, president and founder of the Blue Angel

Mrs Latifa Bennari, president and founder of the Blue Angel

A word from our president and founder

There is no better indication for the vitality of a country than the psychological state of its youth. It makes it possible for families, and therefore society, to exist in harmony. Protecting children from the scourge of sexual abuse, to which I was personally confronted, is a delicate and complex mission. My unhappy experience, forever engraved in my memory, has been a source of energy powering my will to fight against this often devastating phenomenon.

I worked in this field since the 70s and I observed during my investigations and interventions that pedophilia as a subject is difficult to broach, ambiguous and controversial.

Acting on the causes

Daring to talk about it means giving us a chance to treat and understand in full depth the problem of sexual abuse, all the better to fight it.

The awareness of the current lack of dialogue gave birth to the Blue Angel association that allowed me to better organise and structure my efforts.

Today I am an experienced, well-versed partner of institutions and other associations concerned with this problem.

The favor and support from representatives of the state as well as of prominent personalities in medicine, law and various social circles have reinforced my motivation to do the best I can.

The president of the Blue Angel Association,

Mrs Latifa Bennari